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Can you drop me off at work when I bring my car in?
Yes, we will provide free transportation to get you to and from work or home while we service your vehicle.
How Much Do Starters And Alternators Cost?
The cost of new starters and alternators depends on the car you drive is a big factor that affects the price of the part. In some models, they can run as low as $180 and for premium vehicles, they can run over $1,000. The average cost is approximately $500.
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How Long Does Car Repair Take?
The Period of time that an expert mechanic takes to repair your car depends on the kind of your mechanical problem that your car has. It usually takes one or two days to get your car service done properly. As a vehicle owner, you must know the benefits relating to having quality car service performed on a regular basis.
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How To Save Money On Oil Changes?
The Answer to this Question: "How to save money on oil changes" is simple. Be sure to use premium oil for your vehicle at the right oil change interval. Also, you can use the coupons to save you money on quality oil changes. As per Expert mechanic, you can change your oil every 7500 miles to keep safe and strong on the road.
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How Many Miles Does A Car Battery Last?
The Answer is yet so simple, as per expert mechanic, you can expect your car battery life up to 6 years. Usually, a car battery will last for about 5 to 6 years and about 30000 to 50000 miles before needing to be replaced. It helps to keep your car running strong and avoid standing on the road.
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How Long Does Car Maintenance Take?
As per expert mechanic’s recommendation, The Basic car maintenance or interim service is performed every 6 months or 6000 miles Or Full service is carried out every 12 months or 12000 miles and it usually takes 3-4 hours.
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Where To Buy A New Car Battery?
Eventually, if your car battery is dead, then you must need a new one. There are many options for buying a new battery. If you have decided to get a new battery, then the best options is to ask your preferred mechanic about where to buy a new car battery. They can advise you about what kind of battery is fit for your vehicle and model.
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How Much Does Car AC Repair Cost?
Usually, The Car Repair Cost must vary between different auto shops. The Average Cost Estimates ranges between $150 - $200. Be sure to ask a question to know why car ac service is important for winter and how much does it cost to fix. 
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What Is The Purpose Of Car Struts And Shocks?
Most people ever wondered about what is the purpose of car struts and shocks? The Key Purpose of having car struts in good condition will retract slowly to reduce bounce and having good car shocks is to reduce the size and feel of bounce & bumps. If you feel bouncy and bumpy, be sure to inspect your struts and shocks as it may be time to replace them.
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How Often Do Brake Pads & Rotors Need To Be Replaced?
The Answer to “How often do brake pads & rotors need to be replaced?” is quite simple. The Brake rotors and pads will need replacing anywhere from 15000 to 70000 miles and more. It is good if you visit your brake shop and ask the mechanic to evaluate the rotors and advise you about brake service. It is mainly dependent on some factors like driving style, weight of the vehicle, quality brake components & so on. 
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How To Tell If You Need New Tires?
If your vehicle’s tires are damaged, then you must know some signs that you may need new tires. The first sign is to check the tread yourself. If the tread is below the mark that means you need new tires. The second sign is that if your car starts with less effort and movement of the steering wheel. This happens because of low tread and lost grip, it is strong signs to buy new tires. 
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What Happens If You Don't Service Your Car?
The Answer is simple by an expert mechanic that it will start to lose efficiency when things like spark plug wear out, and air quality decreases if the air filters aren’t replaced, and the potentially costly condition can build up if oil is not changed at suitable intervals. So, It’s important to service your car regularly that helps keep your car running strong on the road.
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Can New Tires Affect Gas Mileage?
When it’s time to buy new tires for your car, be sure to consider the proper selection of tires, inflation, and tread depth; most certainly affect your gas mileage. Even tires affect your vehicle fuel efficiency through rolling support.
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What are the Signs of a Bad Alternator?
The alternator is a key component in your car's electrical system that turns the energy from the crankshaft into useful electricity to power your auto electrical systems. If you’re noticing any car starting problems, you should pay attention to these few signs of a bad alternator such as indicator light, weak headlights, strange noise, battery dies and other electrical failures.
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How to Know if Car Battery is Bad?
There are 3 important signs of a car battery is going bad. They are vehicle lights are dim, car making a clicking noise when turning the ignition on,  car engine slowly crank, but doesn’t start. It is wise if you keep the battery cables clean and connected tightly to the engine & electrical components.
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There are 3 important signs of car battery is going bad. They are vehicle lights are dim, car making clicking noise when turning the ignition on,  car engine slowly crank, but doesn’t start. It is wise if you keep the battery cables clean and connected tightly to the engine & electrical components.
What are the Myths of Car Maintenance?
According to an expert mechanic, Some car maintenance myths are 1) you don’t have to change your oil every 3k miles, 2) don’t have to warm up your car before driving & more. Be sure to Ask your mechanic to know the truth about vehicle maintenance. 
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What are the Symptoms Of Brake Problems?
Most drivers don’t know why brakes are failing in their vehicle. As per expert mechanic, Every driver should know these symptoms of braking problems such as dashboard light comes on, squeaking, vibration, soft brake pedal, burning smell while driving & more. So, Don’t wait too long to schedule a brake service at your car shop if you notice any of these signs. Keeping up regular brake inspection will help you keep your vehicle stop on time.
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What are the Benefits of Preventative Car Maintenance?

It is unfortunate, but there are many car owners who do not need to pay out the money to keep up with the vehicle maintenance schedule. In addition to a healthy vehicle that you can trust, here are some major benefits of preventative car maintenance such as improve car knowledge, a mechanic can know about your car, passing the emission testing and more.
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Do you have towing?
Yes, we can provide 24 hour emergency towing and roadside service through our trusted partners.  Click here to contact them
What is your hourly rate?
Our work is sold by the job.  We have found that this is the fairest way to charge for automotive repairs.  We will quote a price for a particular repair and that is the price that you will be charged.  If we charged by the hour one customer may have to pay a higher price than another as no two technicians work at the same speed.  We do an industry guide to help us calculate the cost of a repair.
My check engine light just came on, but my vehicle is running great, what do I do?
Your vehicles "Check Engine" or "Service Engine" lamp is the cars way of saying that the computer has seen something wrong.  There are several reasons that these lamps can come on, and a steady lamp means that a sensor or sensors are not operating within the pre-designed parameters, and the vehicle should be brought in for a complete diagnostic.  However, if the lamp starts flashing, this indicates an engine misfire, which you would probably feel, and the vehicle should be brought in right away.  If the engine is missing or not running properly try to get your vehicle in as soon as possible to prevent damage to the catalytic converter or other parts.
My car is running rough, do I need a tune up?
In today's vehicles, sometimes just having your vehicle "tuned up" will not cure a rough running engine or a drivability concern.  The vast array of electronic components that control your engine today, when failed, o even starting to fail, can give you the same feeling of just needing a tune up.
People have told me that I have to take my car to the dealer if I need a repair or it might void my warranty. Is that true?
Some vehicle owners fear they'll void their warranty if the vehicle isn't serviced by the dealer.  According to the federal Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act, you can have your vehicle serviced by any competent independent service station, shop or garage and still maintain your warranty.  If you do have a repair that is covered by warranty, we will be happy to arrange the repair time, as well as deliver and pick up your vehicle from the dealer.
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